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Aspen Aerogels’ Technology Enables a More Sustainable World.

Our aerogel products promote adoption of electric vehicles, enhance energy efficiency and asset resiliency, improve safety in green buildings and support availability of cleaner fuels in traditional energy markets.

With an installed base of over $1 billion of aerogel materials and a comprehensive global IP portfolio, Aspen’s technology is proven and protected. Built on two decades of R&D investment, our Aerogel Technology Platform™ holds the potential to solve emerging global challenges and to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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ASPN Facts

  • Industry Leader: The aerogel technology leader, Aspen Aerogels created the current day market for aerogel materials. Over 260 patents worldwide.
  • Markets Served: Electric vehicle, battery, building materials and energy markets.
  • Premier Customers & Partners: Top-tier, global companies including SK, Evonik, BASF and Exxon Mobil.
  • Operations: U.S. based manufacturer serving global markets. Headquartered in Northborough, MA with manufacturing in East Providence, RI.
  • History: Founded in 2001. Shares publicly traded on the NYSE since 2014. Ticker symbol ASPN.
  • Financials: $1 billion installed base. Revenue over $100 million in 2020. Strong growth potential.
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Enabling a More Sustainable World

Aspen Aerogels will leverage over two decades of investment in R&D and intellectual property to solve global sustainability challenges. Our sustainability solutions will be fostered by a proven business incubation capability and powered by our rich technology platform. We will also partner with industry leaders to accelerate development timelines.

We are targeting large, existing end markets with new solutions to enable a more sustainable world and to create multiple billion dollar market opportunities.

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What Is Aerogel?

Aerogels are nanoporous, low-density, light-weight materials with unique properties that enable solutions to a wide array of sustainability challenges. Aspen’s aerogel materials may be customized to provide a mix of high thermal resistance, superior fire reaction, a low dielectric constant, strong electric conductivity, hydrophobicity and vapor porosity. Our aerogel technology provides solutions in the toughest environments where other high-performance materials fail.

A small, square piece of aerogel balanced on top of a red flower, with a sunset sky in the background


PyroThin™ thermal barriers enable solutions to thermal runaway challenges in the electric vehicle market. Our Pyrogel®, Cryogel® and Spaceloft® products are enhancing sustainability and creating value in the green building and traditional energy markets today. Aspen’s carbon aerogels have the potential to increase the performance and cost of lithium-ion battery cells in EVs.

Our Aerogel Technology Platform™ offers significant potential for new, high-value applications in the hydrogen, carbon capture and filtration markets, among others.

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