We Are A Technology Leader In Sustainability

Aspen Aerogels’ technology enables a more sustainable world. Our aerogel products promote adoption of electric vehicles, enhance energy efficiency and asset resiliency, improve safety in green buildings and support availability of cleaner fuels in traditional energy markets.

With an installed base of over $1 billion of aerogel materials and a comprehensive global IP portfolio, Aspen’s technology is proven and protected. Built on two decades of R&D investment, our Aerogel Technology Platform™ holds the potential to solve emerging global challenges and to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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image of a glass jar laid on its side, with black smudges visible on the inside, and a black powder in a pile just outside of the opening of the jar, the black powder if Carbon Aerogel. Both items are photographed on top of a white table for contrast.
image of a large black pipe with a turn handle on top, with the part of the pipe going towards the right side of the image wrapped in a white protector. side image of a penny laid on top of a piece of Pyrothin, in order to compare the thinnesss of the two.


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closeup image of a worker in a blue jacker and blue shirt, using an ipad with a white hard hat under their right arm. There is a sunset and large industrial complex in the background.
image of a large worksite under construction at night, with two half finished buildings and multple yellow cranes active


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