Sustainability Strategy

Dear Aspen Aerogels Stakeholders,

Now, more than ever, our world needs reinvention, and Aspen Aerogels has made significant progress crystallizing our vision and advancing our imperative to reconceptualize the role of thermal insulation and fire protection for customers spanning the energy infrastructure and transportation industries globally. Our mission has always been to build a vibrant company with a culture that is open, transparent, and fair, and to use our unique technology to create compelling value for our customers by solving some of the world’s toughest challenges. We are meeting the complex environmental and social challenges before us with a spirit of innovation, and believe we have an important role to play as the world moves toward a more electrified, sustainable future.

Looking ahead, our next focus will be on deepening the scope and rigor of our sustainability data management systems and associated performance management, so that we can better understand our impact, progress, and more effectively plan for sustainable growth and achievement of our longer-term ESG goals. Importantly, this progress supports our goal of carbon neutrality by 2035 in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions. 

At Aspen Aerogels, we pride ourselves on being a strong partner to our customers, our shareholders, our employees, our suppliers and our communities. While we have accomplished much, we know there is much more to do. I hope you will follow along on this exciting journey.

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Donald R. Young
President and CEO

Core values

At Aspen Aerogels, we value ESG criteria as a core part of our business strategy and have embedded ESG into our corporate governance structure. We pride ourselves on being a strong partner to our customers, our shareholders, our employees, our suppliers and our communities, and are developing a comprehensive approach to stakeholder engagement to ensure we effectively meet and exceed evolving ESG expectations.

We are committed to the highest standards of product quality, safety and business integrity; from sourcing raw materials to end-of-life, we consider environmental impacts throughout the entire product lifecycle.

One of the most exciting aspects of being on the cutting edge of technology is the energy of the people who make it happen. Aspen Aerogels’ employees come from different corners of the world, enriching our workplace with distinct cultures, customs, and life experiences. We celebrate the power of diversity and acknowledge the resulting success achieved in bringing people together.

Aspen Aerogels fosters and promotes a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and excellence that empowers employees. We are committed to making a positive impact on society and are focused on creating an environment where employees feel supported through our DEI initiatives, training, and development programs. As our workforce grows and evolves to meet the needs of a decarbonizing economy, we are committed to developing a workforce that reflects the full diversity of the communities in which we operate.

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Sustainable Innovation

Aspen Aerogels is a technology leader in sustainability. Our aerogel technology enables customers and partners to achieve their own objectives around the global megatrends of energy efficiency, e-mobility and clean energy. For more than 20 years, the largest energy companies in the world have turned to Aspen Aerogels to solve their toughest insulation challenges. Since our founding in 2001, we have applied our core competency in aerogel science to engineer, manufacture, and commercialize aerogel-based solutions to address some of the industry’s most challenging energy conservation and asset protection applications, and enhanced our expertise in thermal engineering and fire protection.

As the demand for sustainable products grows, we are prepared to meet industry’s evolving needs for efficiency, durability and low carbon products. Aspen Aerogels has reconceptualized the role of thermal insulation and fire protection for customers from energy industrial and transportation.

Our advanced insulation products improve safety in green buildings, enhance energy efficiency and longevity of critical infrastructure asset, support the availability of cleaner fuels in traditional energy markets, and optimize sustainable technologies, ranging from electric vehicles to energy industrial production. The potential of our Aerogels Technology Platform™ benefits pressing global challenges, including methods for carbon capture and the provision of clean water.

EV safety

EV Safety, Reliability, Serviceability

Our battery materials and advanced thermal barrier solutions enable engineers to improve vehicle range and battery safety.

Energy Industrial

Energy Industrial

Our insulation solutions enable industrial processes to run more efficiently, reduce emissions, extend asset life, improve safety and enhance process stability.

Environmental Commitment

Aspen Aerogels is committed to mitigating the environmental impacts from our manufacturing facilities through the continued improvement of low-impact and closed-loop manufacturing processes, renewable and alternative energy options, and thoughtful resource management. We are a company built and sustained by our focus on environmental stewardship and proactive evaluation of operational impacts. As we look to position the Company to deliver on the sustainability needs of our customers, we acknowledge the continued dedication and thoughtful approach that is necessary to pursue our initiatives covering five key areas: Resource Management, GHG Reductions, Water Quality and Consumption, Air Quality and Pollution Prevention, Waste Minimization and Prevention.  

Sustainability news

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